Smok'n Eye

Smok’n Eye

A sexy, smoldering stare is pretty much the makeup equivalent of a little black dress. Rev up the look of a black smoky eye with dramatic shapes and color saturations. Try bold geometric smoky wings.

For a perfect smoky eye look:

  1. Start by preparing the eye with a primer and concealer. The concealer will help intensify the dramatics of the makeup.
  2. Gently line and smudge the top and bottom rims of your eye with a charcoal eye pencil. (Line from the midline of your eye out to the outside corner). I like to use Scotch tape as a guide to ensure my eyeliner wings are even.
  3. Apply a dark shadow with a smudge brush or sponge tip applicator directly over the eyeliner.
  4. Apply a neutral tone light eye shadow with a large eye shadow brush. Use a wet brush to make the color pop. The light eye shadow should be concentrated in the inner corner of your eye for maximum intensity.
  5. Curl your lashes, and apply mascara.
  6. Using a clean makeup brush gently brush away any extra or misplaced eye shadow.
  7. For extra dramatics apply amp up the mascara and dark eye shadow.

-Party Pretty.