Holiday Fete in Style:

Little Black Dress:

The LBD is, and will always be a party staple, this season however the LBD has been embellished with gold, shimmer, studs, sheer cut outs, polka dots and crushed velvet. The more modern and detailed little black dresses can stand alone and command attention without fancy jewels or accessories. Amp up your sex appeal and indulge your inner glamazone with fierce black dresses and innovative hemlines.

Pretty in Tacky

Pretty in Tacky

Tacky X-Mas Sweaters:

Seriously, who does not LOVE dressing like an uber dork in festive spirit. The adorkable knit sweaters of Christmas are a trend to never go out of style. The scavenger hunt involved in finding the hideous XMAS sweater is a challenge only rewarded by textile sensation. The ugly Christmas sweater is out there. Hit up your local value village, goodwill and other thrift store to score your ugly sweater.

(Be warned the hunt is harder that suggested).

The Winter Coat:

There in no greater statement piece in winter fashion than the winter dress coat. Face the frigid winter air in confidence and style. Look good on the go with a lively printed winter coat. There is no reason to dull your look with frumpy winter wear. Find a dress coat that fits slightly big, (you’ll want room to spare to insure your ugly sweater fits comfortable underneath).

The Christmas Dinner Party:

Preppy, preppy, preppy! Dress up your inner goodie two-shoes for family dinner. Paste a smile on your face and dress to impress your grandma. Rock shapeless pant suits, long hems, button up shirts and cardigan sweaters. Dress to highlight to your family just how good you have been this year. After all Santa is the only person who knows if you’ve been naughty.

New Year’s Eve:

If the Mayans are right, there may be no need to plan your party look into the New Year. So my suggestion, stock up on any crazy fashion wish just because. Aim to be the best dressed at the end of the world.

Seriously, this Mayan calendar thing is a bit of downer that has outlived its five minutes of fame. There will life post December 21, 2012. With the realization that life goes on and your bank account blown; dress it up for New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is a night where anything goes. So play hard, stylishly speaking. My new year’s look is all that sparkles and shines.

Other party ideas include a sophisticated winter white dress, tuxedo look, and future looking out of this world prints.