Fit to fit.

When it comes to fitness there is no one RX to magically transform all body types. We each have unique builds with our set of problem areas. I have the build of russian gymnast; petite and compact. I haven’t always embrace my athletic build; over time I have learned to sweat with strategy. My fitness regime is designed to elongate my muscle,keep me lean and toned.

Thin, petite, curvy, pear shape and plus size woman all need to workout to build muscle tone. As we age our body losses the ability to create new muscle tissue. That is why as we age, regardless of diet, the fight of flab intensifies.

To focus of minimizing the all over flab work out smart. Refresh you cardio routine to prevent the overuse of large muscles and lighten your weights. Switch out heavy hand weights for therabands and skip the treadmill in favor of fun high energy cardio.

For sleek arms try the routine below.