If I had the keys to the back to the future Delorean I would time travel to meet myself for an imaginary tea party to talk some sense into the single digits version of myself. At 6 I had some very definite expectations of what my life would look like as 20’s something.

At 6, I expected to be:

  • Married by 25
  • A mom by 27
  • A CEO of a Fortune 500 company by 24
  • A director of a leading edge economic policy think tank by 26
  • To be able to have unlimited powder days, every day
  • To live and own my dream home (mortgage free) by 25

If my 6-year-old self had the keys to the Delorean she would be rather embarrassed by the great chasm between her expectation and my reality. Truth is, the most important lesson I have learned thus far in my 20’s is to let go of my expectations and to stay true to who I am.

From experience I have learned that expectations only create disappointment. For example: Say I expect flowers after a date, if I don’t get them it is silly to be upset for no real reason.

Expectations are dangerous because they set a standard that may be unrealistic and because when you plan to meet and achieve all expectation you may miss wonderful chance opportunities. Expectations don’t equate to happiness; expectations just reflect a status quo.

When we make expectations we forfeit our ability to truly seek out our own destiny. Expectations follow someone else’s ideal. I have replaced my expectations with intentions: solid goals and ideals that I want to follow/achieve as I embark on my present future.