Birkenstocks Are Back!

Birkenstocks Are Back! 

This post is courtesy of the style guru Rebecca Stewart. Rebecca is a genius in regard to her ability to style men and women in body flattering looks. Rebecca is a graduate of the National Stylist Workshop. She studied under Stacy London. Rebecca Stewart is a personal stylist in Calgary. Her focus is helping men and women dress for their shape and enhance their personal style.

Trend Update: Birkenstocks

I’m sure you have seen the resurgence of Birkenstocks this season – they seem to be popping up everywhere, whether it’s a designer version or in an editorial spread. Sometimes I wonder what triggers certain items to make the pages of the fashion magazines; in this case I think it might have been ladies with tired feet, and I’m on board! Something about those contoured foot-beds makes you want to try on a pair.

I have always thought the basic 2 strap variety were cute but never purchased a pair. I did try the classic thong variety at one point, but my odd-shaped feet didn’t seem to look quite right, so I ended my Birkenstock adventures there. However, with these comfy sandals reappearing in the fashion pages, I think I may be inspired to try again.


Trend Update - Birkenstocks

I don’t really think of myself as ‘trendy’, I like to go with what works (whether current or not), but of course I am enticed by what I see on blogs and fashion sites. The more people who jump on board with a trend, the more inspiration that comes about with a variety of styling pics to drool over. As much as I want to deem my style my own, trends inevitably creep in – it’s all in how you style them that makes it unique. And when it’s something like walk-able footwear, well I don’t dare to overlook!