Wake and Shine SLEEPY head!

Wake up exhausted, go to work exhausted, come home exhausted. Feeling tired, isn’t pretty.

When life if full of activity, finding the time or energy to re-energize can be tricky. I strive to get my 8 hours of beauty sleep a day…But like other good intentions, I’ll often find myself distracted by life more exciting than my pillow.

When I wake up exhausted, my body shows my fatigue. I’ll wake up with dull, blotchy skin, blurry eyes and dry lips. (EEWW).

A look in the mirror, the morning after a long night, or wild weekend can be harsh (to say the least).

In real life, we don’t always have the ability to hit the snooze button (indefinitely). On those hard to wake up mornings, I am thankful for a few beauty tricks that can perk up my mid-week blues.

Beauty problem:
Sleepy Eyes:

  • Good Morning Java: Wake up your eyes with a caffeine infused eye cream. The caffeine is a natural diuretic that will help reduce inflammation around the eye.
  • Curl Those Lashes: Never underestimate the power of an eyelash curler and mascara. A quick eyelash curl and dash of mascara will open up your eyes, for the world to see.
  • Take Note, Highlight: Show the world what you want people to see, a bright and cheerful face. Highlighters brighten the eye, instantly. For bright eyes highlight above your eye (under the brow and below the eye).

Dull Skin:

  • Wash and Exfoliate: Tired skin, needs a little help refreshing. To keep your skin energized use a gentle everyday exfoliator. (This will help scrub away dead skin that sags down your natural glow!)
  • Skip the powder: Instead of covering up with a powder or thick foundation, use a light bb cream or cream blush. The moisture in the products will help your skin glow with energy.

Lackluster Lips:

  •  Scrub your Kisser: Prevent dry lips, by downing 2 L of water a day, and by gently scrubbing your lips. Use a toothbrush to wipe away dryness.
  • Condition your lips: Be proactive, before you go off to dream land apply a lip conditioner and drink some H20.
  • Line your Pucker: Lip liner is a beauty godsend. Lip liner provides a beautiful definition and allows you to fake a plumper lip by highlighting the lip.