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I love it when I get my butt kicked in a fitness class! To truly get your butt kicked in a sweat session, you have to surrender to the workout and trust the fitness motivator. A good motivator, can help amp your workout by pushing you out of your comfort zone, and by providing verbal cues that help you engage key muscles. Time is valuable; when I’m in a fitness class I want to get the best workout for my time.

In Calgary, I love sweating it out with the biker gang at YYC Cycle because of the motivators.

It’s not always easy to find a studio that meshes with you. Here are my tips for finding a studio and getting the best calorie burn for your time.


A Spin Studio is so much more than location:

In the past, I’ve gone to gyms or studios because of their connivence. Some studios have kicked my butts, others not so much. When you’re looking for a spin studio do your research and find a studio that meshes with you. I believe that its important to feel comfortable in an environment so that you can push yourself out of your comfort zone. I love YYC Cycle, because it’s cool to be a hot sweaty mess in class. (Fact: The more you like a class and instructor, the more you’ll be motivated to push it).

Give in to the burn:

  • The first class at a new studio is always intimidating. When I’m sweating away from my home studios I often feel like a newby in class. I know that this insecurity is all in my head. The great thing about spin classes, is that you and a bunch of strangers are all in for the same ride together. Spin inspires a level of camaraderie between participants. Plug into the class, and enjoy the ride.

Core on, weights on:

  • No lie, my favourite track in spin class is the weight track… I love the weight track because the song allows me to catch my breath. When I’m in spin class, I have to remind my self that the weight track is not a rest tracks. Keep the intention of your workout as you pulse through the weight track. (Repeat after me, summer is coming.)

Listen to the cues:

  • My spin workout changed when I heard Warren from YYC Cycle say: “Drive up your knees.” The simple cue, changed my spin workout from pushing my legs down to running my knees up. The cue change intensified the burn, and forced me to engage my core. Spin is about form. The better your form is, the better your workout will be.


  • Spin is not easy, in a 50 minute class it’s easy to burn 700 calories. When you’re sweating hard it’s important to refuel your body so that you can: a.) recover, and b.) push it harder in class.

Party in Class:

  • At YYC Cycle, spin class is a party on a bike. The music rocks, the blacklight is fun, and the choreography gets you moving your butt. When you’re in class, you’re at the hottest party in the city. Know that, and peddle like you mean in.